I was impressed by the challenging questions and issues. Alas, I have a cynical streak and sometimes look for simplistic thinking – but did not find
it [here].”

R. Thiele, Authorised Representative, LONSDALE FINANCIAL GROUP

What a great program you have!!!

Emma Tognoglini, CPD Policy, Financial Planning Assocation

The notion that the ethics of our team might be used to provide a competitive edge was an insight for me.

V. Black, Authorised Representative, LONSDALE FINANCIAL GROUP

I require regular 'grounding' on what is important to me versus what is important to [my organisation]. Therefore I really enjoyed the exercises in personal awareness. The training is a valuable thing to continue.

P. Edwards, Senior Adviser, PERPETUAL

The word ‘ethics’ makes you think of doing something tedious, but constructing your own Code of Ethics really makes you understand, and for me, reinforces the kind of person you are and what is important to you.

A. Clarke, Authorised Representative,

The most comprehensive ethics component I have completed. Practical application of ethics is a great idea especially in the financial planning industry.

S. Durrant, Compliance Manager, COUNT FINANCIAL

[The program was] very easy to use and follow. It is challenging as it involves revealing yourself and your values … very thorough.


Ethics is traditionally dry and theoretical so I was greatly surprised to find this course so engaging. It was truly a personal journey of discovery with a whole raft of very practical and economic benefits at the end. I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

G. Thornycroft, former Director, ESTPLAN

It was challenging and an interesting change to the normal type of quantitative assessment. The training validated my feelings about a couple of past situations so I now feel much more confident in my own ethics and their importance.

G. Mulholland, independent adviser