Dealing With Client Emotion - trying to resolve others’ emotional needs while your own are being ignored is a logically limited strategy.   (Published in IFA

Knowing the Measure of Client Relationships - evaluate the quality of client relations  (Published in Money Management)

Professional Development Beyond Capability - about the power of connection
(Published in Financial Planning)


These Changing Times - discussion and tips that help deal with change
(Published in Financial Planning

Harmony in Difference - how conflict is an opportunity to develop real strength
(Published in IFA

Planners Feel the Squeeze - contains case studies, tips on dealing with clients, personal anxiety, etc.   (Published in Financial Planning)


Why Charity Doesn't Start at Home - the potential for business development in Philanthropy    (Published in IFA)

The Business Case for Client Philanthropy - why client giving is good for business

The Suspected Ally That Goes to the Heart of Advice - how client giving can differentiate your business    (Published in Money Management

Generation PPF - the strategies and importance of making a difference for Baby Boomers
(Note: PPFs are now reformed as PAFs (or Private Ancillary Funds) but retain many characteristics)


Dilemmas in Providing Advice - the ethical conflict financial advisers come across
in their business   (Published in IFA)

Ethics and Compliance - often confused areas, we need to get the balance right between these two  (Published in IFA)

Love the Questions - reliable self-questioning is an essential check-in device in business (Published in IFA)

Ethics & the New Professionalism - the productivity of implementing a business-wide ethics program (Published in IFA)

Trust is a Decision - trust is one of the most valuable things we create in all our relationships    (Published in IFA)

Critical Reflection - critical thinking is more than a productive skill in business  
(Published in IFA


Time For a Chat? - the priority of relationships in providing financial advice
(Published in IFA)

The Partnership in Transforming Knowledge - the rewards of mentoring
(Published in IFA)

In the Zone of Focus - how the game of golf has many lessons for business
(Published in IFA