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ROVIDING ADVICE IN CLIENT PHILANTHROPY program is a new and specialised professional development training course for professional Advisers.

It's a highly comprehensive yet practical course focused on the most important things they need to establish a productive service in your business to facilitate clients' giving.

FORMAT & LENGTH:  Online; 90 minutes



   2 CPD points in Financial Planning and Ethics.


"What a great program you have!!!"
Emma Tognoglini, CPD Policy, Financial Planning Association


PHILANTHROPY is a broad and rich area thatís increasing in relevancy, especially for how affluent people come to terms with the deeper value and potential of their wealth.

CLIENT PHILANTHROPY is not the latest trend or a play thing of the rich and famous. It is, and has always been, one of the most satisfying and meaningful ways we humans have to tell and pass on our own story. Itís this aspect alone that also reveals some of the potency that client charitable giving holds for professional advisers.

FINANCIAL ADVISERS particularly are in the box seat like few other providers on the high-net-worth scene when it comes to helping such individuals sustainably invest their human, intellectual, social and financial capital. Client Philanthropy is a product like few others in your repertoire of solutions.

PROFITABLE GIVING has a productive part to play now more than ever in the new advice era for clients, and for your and your business.

Enrich Australia understands youíre looking for value and efficiency from training, and need direct benefits from integrating a new business service it can create. These considerations have guided this courseís content and direction.

At all times we are mindful of what talking to your clients about Philanthropy will do for you and your business.

And with the recent move from a transactional-focused interaction between Adviser and client to a broader and more specialised relationship, client giving can optimise those opportunities.

This program shows you how to do that, and much more besides.

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